Slovakian mountains » Low Tatras » River Hornád
The Hornad river springs at the east part of the Low Tatras mountains under the Kralova Hola peak. Hornad has created a long gorge where some parts are less than 10 meters wide. The river is navigable. Among nicest parts of voyage is ranked a 11 km long lenght between villages Smazany, Hrabusice and „Zelezna vrata“ (iron gate) - more than 250 meters high sheer cliffs line the river bank. This section is considered as a very dangerous. The predecessor of the Hornad river had flowed along a flat bed 150 meters higher than today´s Hornad. At the turn of the Young Neogen and the Quaternary period a land became raise while the river-bed went down. The Hornad has been cutting in its baseground and so the Hornad river and other two rivers- Biely potok and Lesnice rivers arised.